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cControlChild_Event.Initialize Method

Initializes the cControlChild_Event object.


*expression.Initialize(ctl, EventName, TriggerWhenEmpty)

expression A variable that represents a cControlChild_Event object.


Name Required / Optional Data Type Description
ctl Required Object Reference to the control which is the event source.
EventName Required String Name of the event which is being trapped.
TriggerWhenEmpty Optional Boolean Indicates whether the event should be trapped even if no callback functions have been registered. Default is False.


EventName should match the name of the event being trapped (e.g., "OnClick", "AfterUpdate", "OnChange", etc.)

TriggerWhenEmpty allows the event to be trapped even if no callbacks have been registered. If False, the event will not be trapped until the first callback is registered using the AddFn method.


This example initializes the cControlChild_Event object member, OnClick. The control is a combobox control:

OnClick.Initialize cboMyCombobox, "OnClick"

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