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cControlChild_Deselctor Object Members

The cControlChild_Deselector class provides support for the cControl_WebButton class. It keeps a registry of event handlers for controls which are to act as "deselectors" for the WebButton. That is, if the mouse moves off of a WebButton and onto an adjacent control, registering that control's event handler as a deselector will ensure that, each time the MouseMove event fires for the control, the Deselector object's WebButton parent will be "unhighlighted". Requires the OnMouseMove event to be defined in the appropriate cControl_EventHandler class(es).

Code Modules

Name Standard / Class Description
Support_Globals Standard Support module providing global variables and enumerations.
Support_General Standard Support module providing general functions used by multiple Composite Control classes.
cControlChild_Deselector.cls Class Class module for the cControlChild class


Name Description
Initialize Initializes the object.
Register Registers a cControl_EventHandler class instance as a WebButton deselector.
Terminate Terminates the object.


Name Description
Name Returns the name of the object. Read-only String.
Parent cControl_WebButton object which instantiated the Deselector object.
Tag Stores unique identifier for object. Read-only Variant.

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