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cControlChild_ActiveButton Object Members

Used in conjunction with the cControl_WebButton class to manage button highlighting / selection.

Code Modules

Name Standard / Class Description
Support_Globals Standard Support module providing global variables and enumerations.
Support_General Standard Support module providing general functions used by multiple Composite Control classes.
Support_WebButton Standard Support module which includes functions used by the cControlChild_ActiveButton class.
cControlChild_ActiveButton Class Class module for cControlChild_ActiveButton.


Name Description
Deselect_ Executes the UnHighlight method of the cControl_WebButton object referenced by the webBtn property. Internal use only.
Initialize Initializes the cControl_EventHandler object.
regRef Registers a Composite Controls object with the global object references collection in the CompositeControls class instance.
StartUp_ Callback method for the OnStartUp event. Used internally.
Terminate_ Callback method for the OnTerminate event. Used internally.
Terminate Terminates the cControl_EventHandler object.


Name Description
Name Returns the name of the object.
Parent Returns the parent object.
Tag Stores unique identifier for object.
webBtn References a valid cControl_WebButton object.

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