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cControl / cControl_EventHandler Class

The cControl / cControl_EventHandler classes are where the real work is done. Encapsulated within these classes is the code which manages the interaction between controls and forms. These classes are intended to be customized by the developer, though there is a standard template for both types which provides the basic structure for creation / destruction and other critical code.

A cControl class may act as both an event sink and source. That is, a cControl class carries a reference to a form control, whose events it may trap as needed. In response to those events, the class may source it's own custom events, which must then be managed by a corresponding cControlEventHandler class. The cControl / cControlEventHandler class also have the ability to instance a child class (cControlChild) to extend functionality.

Note that the cControlEventHandler classes implement the iControlEventHandler class interface. While not yet implemented, intefaces are also planned for the cControl and cControlChild classes. Using interfaces enforces continuity in composite control design, as well as providing stronger typing for more efficient program execution.

Standard / Class Modules (core)

  • Support_Globals.bas
  • Support_General.bas
  • Support_CompositeControlManager.bas
  • cCompositeControls.cls
  • cCompositeControlManager.cls

Standard / Class Modules (cControl / cControl_EventHandler)

  • Support_EventHandler.bas
  • Support_[Control Name].bas <-- Includes support functions for both the control and it's children
  • iControl_EventHandler.cls
  • cControl_[Control Name].cls / cControl_EventHandler_[EventHandler Name].cls
  • cControlChild_Event.cls
  • cControlChild_[Child Name].cls

Class Members



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