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cControl Object Members

Standard class for managing event-driven interactions between controls.

A cControl class may also act as an event sink / source. All cControl classes require a reference to an active control be passed, whether an ActiveX control or another Composite Control. The control passed by reference is typically an event source. Thus, a cControl class may act as an event sink for certain events of the control passed by reference, and then source it's own custom events for trapping in a cControl_EventHandler class or in a Form module.

Code Modules

Name Standard / Class Description
Support_Globals Standard Support module providing global variables and enumerations.
Support_General Standard Support module providing general functions used by multiple Composite Control classes.
Support_[cControl Name].bas Standard Support module for the cControl class and any cControlChild classes.
cControl_[Name].cls Class Class module for a specific cControl class.
cControlChld_Name.cls Class Class module for a cControl's children objects.


Name Description
Initialize Initializes the cControl object.
regRef Registers a Composite Controls object with the global object references collection in the CompositeControls class instance.
Startup_ Callback method for the OnStartUp event. Used internally.
Terminate Terminates the cControl object.
Terminate_ Callback method for the OnTerminate event. Used internally.
Trigger Triggers an event local to the cControl object. Valid only if cControl object sources events.


Name Description
ControlType Returns the type of Composite Control.
Name Returns the name of a Composite Controls object.
Parent Returns a reference to a cCompositeControlManager object.
Tag Stores unique identifier for object.

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