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CreateBinder Method

Creates a binder object and attaches it to a cControl_EventHandler object for the type of control it manages.


object.CreateBinder(TargetObject, TargetType)

object A reference to a valid cCompositeControls class instance.


Name Required / Optional Data Type Description
TargetObject Required Object A valid reference to a control / form to be updated by another control / form.
TargetType Required ccControlType Enumeration of control type.


The Binder object is attached to the target control's event handler and is destroyed when the event handler's Terminate method is executed.

The binder object must be created before any bindings may be added.

A binder object with no bindings functions transparently and has no effect on the target control / form.


This example creates a binder object, attaches it to the target control, and returns a reference to the object.

Dim binder as cControl_Binder

Set binder = myCompositeControls.CreateBinder ([myForm].myCombo, ccComboBox_EventHandler)

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