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cComposite Controls Custom Object Members

The members listed here are support members created to manage the various types of controls which are a part of the Composite Controls object model. This list may vary in an actual implementation, depending on what controls are actually used, and may not be inclusive of every object member found in a given cCompositeControls class implementation.

Object members of the cCompositeControls class typically serve to finish initialization of Composite Controls objects which are created and initialized by the cCompositeControlManager class. In these methods, references to parents and event handlers are assigned, and other property values which are not assigned in the control's own initialization routine are managed here.

This level exists because it is common for a cControl object to require references to another cControl object in order to function as intended. In order to provide "agnostic" classes, the cCompositeControls class provides a point where multiple classes of the same level may be assigned references to one another as required.

Custom Methods

Name Class Description
CreateBinder cControl_Binder Manages the creation of a cControl_Binder object.
CreateBinding cControl_Binder, cControlChild_Binding Manages the creation of a cControlChild_Binding object.
CreateEventHandler cControl_EventHandler Manages the creation of a cControl_EventHandler object.
CreateWebButton cControl_WebButton Manages the creation of a cControl_WebButton object.
GetBinder cControl_Binder Retrieves a reference to a Binder object based on the passed control.
SyncBinders cControl_Binder Forces all binders to synchronize their bindings.

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