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Select_Button Property

Returns a reference to the cControlChild_ActiveButton object which manages the WebButton's select state. Read/Write cControlChild_ActiveButton.



object A valid reference to a cControl_WebButton object.


The Select_Button reference may be shared among a series of controls in order to create an option group of WebButtons.


This example demonstrates how to assign multiple cControlWebButtons the same SelectButton property reference, so that selecting a WebButton in a group automatically deselects the currently selected WebButton.

Dim sButton as cControlChild_ActiveButton
Dim wb as cControl_WebButton

'colWebButtons is a pre-defined collection of web button controls, all of them presumably members of the same group.
For Each wb In colWebButtons

        'Each cControl_WebButton instances it's own cControlChild_ActibeButton for a Select_Button
        'Reference to the first control's Select_Button is retrieved and assigned to all other cControl_WebButtons,
        'automatically destroying their local references.

        If (sButton Is Nothing) Then
                Set sButton = wb.Select_Button
                Set wb.Select_Button = sButton
        End If

Next wb

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