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IsToggle Property

Indicates whether the WebButton is a toggle button or an option button when operated in series with other WebButtons. Read/Write Boolean.



object A reference to a valid cControl_WebButton instance.


Setting the IsToggle property to false indicates that the web button is to act as an option button. That is, once clicked / selected, it cannot be unselected. If IsToggle is set to false, the WebButton needs to be a part of an option group.


This example sets up an option group of WebButtons (IsToggle = False). References to the WebButtons are stored in the collection, myWebButtons.

Dim wb as cControl_WebButton
Dim hButton as cControlChild_ActiveButton
Dim sButton as cControlChild_ActiveButton

For Each wb in myWebButtons

       wb.IsToggle = False
       If Not (hButton Is Nothing) Then
              Set hButton = wb.Highlight_Button
              Set wb.Highlight_Button = hButton
       End If

       If Not (sButton Is Nothing) Then
              Set sButton = wb.Select_Button
              Set Wb.Select_Button = sButton
       End If

Next wb

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