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GlobalCallbacks Property

Returns a collection of the callbacks registered to multiple cControl_EventHandlers. Read-only Collection.



object A reference to a cControl_EventHandler class instance.


GlobalCallbacks returns callbacks that are registered to multiple cControl_EventHandler objects. Callbacks registered at this level are executed any time any event trapped by any EventHandler object referencing the collection is triggered. The collection returns the callbacks as a series of values stored in a Variant array. Refer to the Callbacks wiki page for information regarding the callback array.


This example assigns the callbacks for a particular event as global callbacks for two other event handlers

'set the reference of the combobox event handler's GlobalCallbacks collection to  the callback collection for the text box event handler's OnClick event.
Set myComboBoxEventHandler.GlobalCallbacks = myTextBoxEventHandler.OnClick.Callbacks

'set the GlobalCallbacks collection reference for the CheckBox event handler to the ComboBox event handler's GlobalCallbacks collection.
Set myCheckBoxEventHandler.GlobalCallbacks = my ComboBoxEventHandler.GlobalCallbacks

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