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Getting Started

1. Download the latest release. Also be sure to get the demo (there's an Access 2003 version as well) for a little eye candy.
2. Unzip the source code to your preferred directory. The files are stored in a directory structure, so take a moment and familiarize yourself with it.
3. Install the database template file.

For Access 2007 users:
A. Copy the *.accdt file found in the VBA Composite Controls\Beta\Access\ directory to the Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Micorsoft\Template\ directory.
B. Start Access and click on the "VBA Composite Controls" link in the Template Categories pane at the upper left of the starting screen.
C. Name the new database and get started!

For Access 2003 users:
A. Create a copy of the template database, open it, and start using it.
B. The 2003 template database is available as a separate download on the Downloads screen.

4. Start learning by going through the tutorials
5. Questions? Post on the forum!

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