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Composite Control Callback Functions

The Composite Control object model provides dynamic callback functions using the concept of delegation. Using delegation, only one delegator need be created to manage any number of callbacks. Further, the callback registry can be changed at any point during program execution. Without the flexibility and power of delegation, the Composite Control object model could not work.


Public functionName (obj, ctControlType, EventName, args()) As Integer


Name Data Type Description
obj Object Reference to the delegator object which triggered the callback
ControlType ccControlType Type of delegator object which triggered the callback.
EventName String Name of the event delegator.
args() ParamArray List of arguments passed from the event delegator.


This signature must be implemented for all functions that are to act as callbacks (delegates).

The function integer return type accommodates events which have a return parameter (e.g., the Cancel parameter of the Form_Open() event).

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